Great things are #HAPPO ‘ning!

19 02 2010

Please allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Evan Strange and I am a 22 year-old Senior at Butler University where I am studying journalism with a concentration in PR/Advertising and a backgound in business and marketing

Aside from school, I intern at one of the largest, full-service public relations and advertising agencies in Indiana and have been able to execute community relations, crisis communications and media relations programming.

I love to write, create, strategize, connect and am looking for an environment that is condusive to my creativity and strategic thinking.

I think outside of the box and I never want to go back in. I am a writer by trade and entrepreneur at heart- put those together and it’s a potent combination.

Add some proactivity, ingenuity and a lack of complacency and you have the makings of a lean, mean, public relations machine.

I enjoy a fast-pace, thrive on deadlines and I get results.

Put a problem in front of me and I’ll solve it.

I am hoping to move out west one day and would love to live in Colorado, Oregon or Wyoming but I am open to going where ever the wind should take me. Oh, and Indianapolis, I love you.

Want to know more? Here is my resume.




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