The Patron Saint of Delicious

25 02 2010

Upon entering the dimly lit and bustling tavern, I immediately encountered the strangest thing: mobs of citizens,  businessmen, big wigs and your everyday Joe cheerfully partaking in their delicious cocktails, telling jokes, carrying on and…crying. 

Crying?  Something was off. These folks looked happy, nay, exuberant, yet tears were flowing like Long Island Iced Teas at an open bar.

A plastic device began to erupt, signaling to me that it was my time to see what all of the fuss was about.

 Surrounded by walls of beautifully aged wood and joyous folks, I took my seat and began to dive in to the list of cuisine that lay before me.

Upon my lady friend’s ordering, my journey into cuisine legend began. 

The bow-tied waiter placed before me a shining, immaculate cauldron filled with six, enormous decapod crustaceans bathing in their own version of the Red Sea. 

Without a word, I tossed one in to my mouth and a stream of tears, none like I have ever seen, began to pour.

This was it.  The legend.  The St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail.  The feeling of your sinuses clearing in an instant and the jolt that shoots through your entire body is almost indescribable.

 Like a painful sore in your mouth that you just can’t leave alone, I went back for more.

In the fewest words possible, this shrimp cocktail is amazing.  Everyone has seen it on TV, read and heard about it, but there is nothing like experiencing it in person.  The shrimp are amazing, huge and tender while the flaming sauce is spicy and delicious.  Imagine taking a bite off of a horseradish root marinated in wasabi and then chasing it with the finest shrimp around.  It shocks you, but  only  for a few seconds, and then you crave more.

Whenever I am downtown and have a few bucks to spare- I grab this delight.  If you live in Indianapolis and normally need a cup of coffee to keep you going, try the cocktail instead.  It will surely jumpstart your day. 

It’s the true working man’s meal.

So those who’ve tried it, what was your experience? Those who haven’t, shoot me a message and I will gladly accompany you so you can experience this wonder yourself.




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