Just Keep Traveling.

18 10 2011

To travel is to live.

I enjoy what I do, I love that I get to promote such an amazing city and I love the fact that the work being done in the tourism industry is having such a tremendous impact on destinations and communities around the world.

While I could sit here and try to think up clever sentences to summarize why tourism is important to communities, I’d rather quote Victoria Isley, EVP/COO of Destination Marketing Association International, who recently wrote a super, eloquent article on the importance of investing in tourism and destination marketing. Although it was published a month or so ago, I was just able to read it and I guess you could say it pumped me up.

Here’s a snippet:

New visitors pump cash into local businesses and public coffers, enhance the lifestyle of residents, and importantly in this economy, create jobs. In fact, the travel and tourism industry and the job creation resulting from it is one of the few bright spots in our U.S. economy today.

The U.S. Labor Department’s latest figures show travel jobs in the U.S. increased for the eighth consecutive month. While the overall unemployment rate remained unchanged at 9.1%, the travel industry posted 9,200 new jobs in July.

While this is just a brief look at a fantastic article, I do encourage you to read the rest here.

Not many people realize the role that tourism plays in their own city. Even I didn’t truly understand it until I began working at the Indianapolis CVB. That said, there is no looking past the 69,000 jobs locally that are supported by the tourism industry and the more than $3 billion economic impact brought to this city each year- and I am proud to be a part of that. And if you have ever travelled, even on the most brief of trips, you should be too.

With that in mind, think of your trips differently. Even the shortest, cheapest most insignificant road trip make an impact on the places you visit. Each beer you drink, each laugh you have on the beach with your friends, each hotel room you sleep in and each order of waffle house hash browns you order- scattered, covered, smothered & topped, of course- makes you happy, keeps people employed and really does make a difference.

So keep traveling my friends… for your adventures reap many a reward for you and the world.

Travel more and make a difference. Really.




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